Thursday, September 27, 2012

Certificate, Cake and Costumes

Happy 10th Annual Fall Pignic!
The 10th Annual Boston Fall Pignic had a number of firsts and surprises.  Tammy brought a big sheet cake to celebrate ten years of Boston pignics.  The schedule also indicated there would be announcements at 2pm.  I had no idea of the topic.  As Tammy started talking, I got a sneaking suspicion of where things were heading....

Cavy, Certificate and Crown
So I was crowned at the pignic, with my own nifty purple wreath (see video), since they couldn't find a guinea pig tiara.  I was styling!  I also received a certificate of appreciation for the advice I've given over the years on the old forum and on the current CavyMadness Facebook page, as well as my role in organizing the Boston pignics.  It came with wooden cavy.  The certificate was signed on the back by a number of pignic attendees.  How neat is that?  I had several people come up to me during the pignic and thank me for organizing it and for the help I've given them online.  Aw, shucks, people.  Honestly?  I'm happy I am able to help where I can.

That was a big surprise for me, but the true highlight of the pignic was the costume contest.  Every single costume was stunning.  I was amazed that people could find costumes small enough to fit guinea pigs.  There were several home-made costumes, and as impressive as the store-bought costumes were, the home-made ones totally rocked.

Wait!  Isn't that a real bunny rabbit?
I know Tammy must have snapped better photos than me (I am hoping they'll be published soon); my pictures don't do the contestants justice.  The "Dad" pig had on a home-made miniature beer can baseball cap, complete with pipe-cleaner straws.  There was a magician, a couple of devils, Zorro, Smokey the Bear, Superman, Wario (do I have my video game characters straight?), a pair of bunnies, and a pig in a funky silver box (I apologize for not knowing what it was supposed to be.  Regardless, it's a really neat costume!).  Katniss, who won the contest, had flowing brown hair, a #12 shirt and a quiver full of twig arrows.  Excellent!

Sugar and Cinnamon's owners came with matching bunny ears to complete the ensemble.  Aren't all four of them adorable?

And speaking of bunny ears:  we had a couple of additional animals attend the pignic this year.  One was a very well behaved Chihuahua.  He came with a family of guinea pigs, and I never heard a word from him the whole day.  The other was a tan bunny rabbit, who caused quite start in the beginning of the pignic by bolting away across the lawn.  Luckily, he was quickly apprehended and properly leashed for the rest of the pignic.

I can't wait to see more photos of the contestants.  Plus there was a group photo, the first one in several years.  They may eventually appear in the PignicCentral Pool on Flickr.

(edit 10/18/1012 Photos appeared on Facebook instead:  Boston Pignic: Fall 2012 (10th annual!) )

Thank you, everyone, for making this a memorable pignic!

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  1. What a creative Hunger Games pig costume idea! All the costumes are simply adorable.


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