Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So Many Meds

Simethicone, Metacam and Baytril
I swear that guinea pigs purposely pick the worst times to get sick or take a turn for the worse.  Bertie decided to show signs of pain the night before the pignic.  Why, Bertie?  Why would you stress out your Mama?

She's slowly been diminishing.  Overall, her attitude continues to be good.  Bertie hasn't been totally exhausted as she had been in early August.  But she keeps losing weight, even with hand feedings and a subcue every other day.  Her attitude changed, slightly, last week, but not enough for me to worry.  However, Saturday night she hopped when she walked - a sign of pain.  Her abdomen was hard but not bloated.  Since her input and output continued as normal, I decided to wait to bring her to my regular vet on Tuesday.

Once again, the vet was puzzled.  Best guess is that we're still dealing with fallout from the viruses.  Lungs don't look good on the x-rays (but no worse) and yet she seems to have no problems breathing.  Pain in the hindquarters, yet no stones or arthritis.  And goodness - with all of those subcues, she certainly shouldn't be developing stones!

I went home armed with drugs:  simethicone to battle all the gas the x-rays showed in her gut, metacam to help with the pain and baytril to help fight off a possible infection.  I was instructed to feed her with as much critical care as I can.  And, of course, I am to continue with the dreaded, hated subcues.  Ugh. 

Good news?  Pinni also went in at the same time for a progress check.  Gained some weight, looks good, fur continues to grow back, nipples look normal and she's not acting hormonal.  Seems that the hCG did the trick (too bad it didn't cure her bad attitude, too).

The vet wants a progress report on Thursday.  Something has had an effect.  Bertie didn't complain as loudly when I picked her up this morning and I saw her walking instead of hopping.  There was even an ever-so-slight weight gain.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Sometimes the not knowing stage feels even worse than receiving a diagnosis. The uncertainty and constant worrying can be so frustrating.

    I hope all your hard work helps Bertie and provides her with some relief!


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