Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cape Chick Weekend VI

2012 Chicks
North Eastham has survived another summer onslaught, and celebrated the departure of the tourists with Windmill Weekend.  It coincided perfectly with Chick Weekend - a weekend of food and relaxation with a few of my friends.

The weather couldn't make up it's mind and I spent Friday either dodging rain or sweating in the heat and humidity.  Most everyone had arrived by mid-afternoon and we spent much of time hanging out in the back yard and enjoying the sun.

We spent part of Saturday attending various Windmill events.  We even found time to go body surfing in the waves at high tide.  It was so windy!  One chick had to leave on Saturday morning, but we gained another by late afternoon.

It rained and was overcast for much of Sunday but it worked to our advantage.  We spent the early afternoon at the Atlantic Spice Company and picked up bread and pastries at PB Boulangerie Bistro.  Yum.  Four of us managed a nice walk on the beach after lunch, even if the sky spit raindrops on us from time to time.  We wrapped up the evening with bread, cheese, wine and pastries.

Sunset rainbow in the rain
We had some unexpected diversions over the weekend.  My aunt's grandson visited with us regularly.  The 2-year-old was quite entertaining, playing with us and telling us all sorts of stories we only partially understood.  My guinea pigs came down for the weekend as well, and everyone spent some time checking them out and telling Pinni to stop being a butthead.

Sunday night we went to watch the sunset in the rain, complete with a rainbow.  The whole bow was clearly visible and it briefly had a second bow next to it.  It was a surreal experience, standing there getting soaking wet, watching the sun set.  We chucked that my Uncle Al was right:  it is always sunny at the beach.

The last of my company left this morning and it's just me and the pigs left.  I've already managed a walk on the beach, some reading in the sun.  A bike ride to Nickerson park is on tap for the afternoon as well as another trip to the shore.  We will be sad to make the trek back home tomorrow.

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