Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tug of War

The Guinea Pig Shaming photos we shot of Bertie and Pinni took more than a week to pull together.  Sometimes I wonder if the pigs know when I'm about to capture their badness on camera, since they suddenly act all cute and innocent.  Unless, of course, we're trying to get photos of their cute and innocence, at which point we get nothing but misbehavior and pig butts.

Pinni chews the coroplast guards just about every time I sit down at the computer.  But when I wanted to video it?  It took the better part of a week to catch her.  I think the extra lighting made her suspicious something was up.

It took a few sittings to get the photos I wanted.  We were amused with the food-stealing shots.  The photos didn't really do them justice, so we took some videos to capture Pinni and Bertie's goofiness.  Although we were trying to show Pinni as the glutton she is, I think the video shows Bertie as the winner more often than not.

We particularly chuckled at Bertie's paw-to-the-face move.  We've seen her do it in any tug of war, especially against us.  Bertie will do whatever she can to gain the advantage.

Guinea pigs must have very strong necks and jaws; it's amazing to watch Pinni literally pull Bertie across the fleece.  I know my pigs have surprised the Girls Next Door more than once by yanking the piece of food from their fingers, even though they had a good grip.  No one gets between a guinea pig and its food!

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  1. Watching Bertie slap at Pinniped was both funny and adorable. Love Pinni's hungry snuffling at the end.


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