Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boston Fall Pignic 2012

It started out as a typical Fall pignic:  I spent the morning checking three different weather web sites, debating whether the grass would be dry enough and the temperature warm enough for outdoor pigs.  It was borderline, but the long-term forecast for next Sunday was even worse, so we went for it.

I'm glad I did.  It was a bit cool, but otherwise a perfect pignic day.

The Pig Patrol arrived early and was ready to go, in case the pignic's 10th anniversary drew more people than usual.  Oddly, we were over prepared (if there is such a thing).  There were barely 50 people, and only 30 pigs.  It made for a very laid-back, mellow day.  Wonderful!  Not a single pig visited the time-out pens.  Spats were at a minimum.  I'm not sure if the Dustpan of Doom was even used.  Maybe it was the cooler weather?  The abundance of clover?  Courteous pigs?  I know there were a few wails of protest from the sow's cage, but I think the boar's pen was just one big love-fest.

Because the weather was so cool, the pens were set up in the sun to make sure the ground was fairly warm and dry.  The cages were soon covered in dappled sunlight as the shadows moved across the grass.  We moved the canopy over the sows' pen, just to make sure we didn't end up with any baked pigs.  I set Pinni's cage in the direct sun, with the towel thrown over, just as we do at home.  (Bertie was at home enjoying a butthead-free day.)  I knew Pinni would be content, especially since I had dropped her in a big patch of clover.

We had our first surprise of the day as the first arrivals were inspected for the common pen:  a pair of boars, Sugar and Cinni, turned out to be, in fact, a couple of sows.  Luckily, they won't even have to change their names.  And since one of the owners confessed the pigs were sometimes dressed up in dresses, there's no more concern that they're offending the pigs' boarly nature.

We had the usual contests of smallest and largest pigs, largest herd, and craziest hair.  We also had a couple of new contests, which include farthest distance traveled and a costume contest.  The costume contest had a lot of participants.  I'm sure this will become a staple in future pignics.  We also had a cake to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  

Fall Pig Patrol
This pignic boasted a very knowledgeable Pig Patrol (more than usual), including a vet and Uli, who works with the guinea pigs at Nevins Farm.  Members of the Pig Patrol found a few pigs with suspected illnesses, including potential tumors and ovarian cysts, of which the owners were unaware.  As usual, we all clipped lots and lots of guinea pig nails.  It's always a good pignic when you can send the guinea pigs home healthier and happier than when they arrived!

For more surprises and details on the costume contest, see Certificate, Cake and Costumes.

There are a few more photos of the event at the Fall Pignic 2012 photo album (I was too busy to get many photos!).

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  1. Hooray for good-enough weather - looks like it was a success!


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