Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teardrop Pigs

Blobby Pinni and Noli
Just seconds before I snapped this photo, Pinniped and Cannoli had both been facing the same direction - a perfect pair of teardrops.  Pinni's shape is not surprising, since she is a very round rodent.  But Cannoli is so often stretched out, it's odd to see her all bunched in the classic guinea pig shape.

We've begun to occasionally call Cannoli Rusty or Squeaky.  She's normally very quiet, unless Pinni steals her food or attempts to oust her from a favorite sleeping spot.  However, Rob discovered that Noli will squeak like a rusty door hinge when he comes home to feed them their afternoon treat.  I wasn't sure if I believed his description, but several days later I experienced the rusty hinge myself.  Sure enough - that's exactly what Cannoli sounded like.  Squeaky-squeaky!


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