Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Piggies

Ah, springtime (if it ever warms up!).  A time of new beginnings, flowers and piggies in love.  Let's do a photo shoot!

As much as I loved my laptop wallpaper with Willow, Bertie and Pinniped, it contained too many pigs that are no longer here.  It was time for something cheerier.

A classic Pinniped photo
Pinni knew the drill, and at her first opportunity, turned her back to the camera.  Cannoli was not cool about the flash going off, or the noise the camera made.  But she was with Pinni and there were bits of cantaloupe hidden in the flowers, so she decided it wasn't terrible.

The two of them have been getting along really well.  There are squabbles and spats, like I'd expect from two sows living together.  Cannoli takes it all in stride, never seems too bothered by Pinni and occasionally take the prize (the last piece of food or the coveted napping spot).  Pinni is happy as she rumblestrutts around the cage - she's still undisputed queen of the roost.  What floors me, every time I catch them, is how these two cuddle together.  It's just such an unexpected behavior from Pinni.  She always liked Bertie, but the closest I ever saw them sleep together was nose-to-nose.  Last week I found Cannoli and Pinni napping in the same cuddle cup, Pinni curled around Noli.  Unfortunately, I disturbed them while attempting to work the camera.  I wonder for whom the novelty will wear off first:  the two of them snuggling together or me witnessing it?


  1. feel free to update...i love seeing how they'r doing. they r sooo cute ;) <3

  2. They're gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pigtures =oD

  3. Pinni looks exactly like my James! Always post pictures! We love them!

  4. So sweet. I'm glad to hear they get along so well!


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