Thursday, April 4, 2013

Laptop Sleeve

My job is moving me to a home office.  While some of my coworkers are busy building a new room in their basement and assembling new desks to prepare for the move, I spent a couple of hours sewing a sleeve for my work laptop.  Yeah, this move is more involved for some people than others (I was lucky to have a available room and desk).

The laptop is for the days we'll be working in a virtual office.  I didn't need a fully padded laptop bag, like the one I made for my own laptop.  I take a tote bag to work to bring in odds and ends and my lunch.  The laptop will easily fit in that.  I just want something to keep it clean and dry and a place to store a few pens so I don't have to search for them at the bottom of the tote.

I dug through my fabric drawers and found scrap material from some grocery bags I made a couple of years ago and the leftover heavy blue material used to reupholstering my love seat (check out Be Seated Now).  Excellent!  I love doing quick scrappy projects.

I measured the laptop, added 1/2" seam allowances, and another 1/2" for the heck of it, and cut two 34x13.5" strips.  This allowed for sewing the sides together and an additional 4" for the flap.  I cut another piece for the strange not-quite-rectangular pocket on the front and stitched the sides together.  I encountered some trouble sewing the lining to the outside of the sleeve, which is where my last laptop bag ran into issues.  But I had enough outside material to fold it over the lining and stitch it all down, so it worked.  Then I slapped on some velcro and voila!  Laptop sleeve.

I happened to waterproof a pair of hiking boots over the weekend, so when I finished the boots, I hit this bag with a couple of layers of waterproofing.  That should do the trick - my laptop should stay clean and dry.  If my lunch decides to leak, I won't ruin the laptop (unlike the fate of my previous cell phone).

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