Friday, April 5, 2013

Googly Eyes

I never know what will catch Rob's fancy.  I have grown accustomed to the creepy crawlies that show up in random places in the house.  But I had to laugh when I came home the other night and was greeted by the deadbolt on the front door.

When I came in, I found a package of assorted sized googly eyes on the counter.  Oh, here we go again.  I suspect that I will find all sorts of items in the house suddenly staring at me, just like I've discovered the creepy crawlies.

Sure enough, I caught the banana gazing up at me this morning.  (The giant ant was not a surprise - he is a regular inhabitant of the fruit bowl.)  Rob has even suggested that Pinni needs a pair on her ample behind (poor Pinni).

I'm hosting a Tea this weekend; I wonder how my guests will react to the whimsical strangeness in our household?

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