Monday, April 15, 2013

Cannoli's Progress

Blogging has changed how I observe my guinea pigs.  I hadn't started writing when I adopted Bertie and Pinniped; I recall that they were skittish for a while, then suddenly settled in.  This time around, however, I'm noticing the little changes in Cannoli from week to week.  I think it's because I've conditioned myself to pick up on anything worth writing about.  So I'm tuned in to the progression of Cannoli's behavior.

It's been a month since Cannoli came home with us from Nevins Farm.  She still runs away when I come in the room and tries not to get picked up.  I realize it could be months before she willingly comes forward to beg for attention or treats.  But there has been lots of progress.  Cannoli got the hang of the new cage within the first day or two.  The upper levels were challenging at first (especially that first leap up), but now she runs up and down them like a pro.  She loves the hammock and I've seen her do a crazy nothing-but-net leap into it from the side.  Swish!

By the second week, Cannoli began wheeking for treats when the fridge opened or plastic bags rattled.  Around that time she allowed me to hand her a piece of melon or pepper, but she wouldn't pull it from my fingers.  Instead she'd timidly nibble on it as I held it.  So strange.  A week or so of having Pinni beat her up for the last bit of pepper encouraged Cannoli not to be so shy.  She now snatches the pepper from my hand.  Much more efficient.  She is also willing to stick out her nose a bit further to grab it instead of making me reach under the hammock to give it to her.

In the last two weeks, Cannoli survived her first nail clipping without too much trauma.  Oh, and two days of lots of babbling company, plus a brief visitation of The Girls Next Door.  She looked cute and adorable, accepted the pats and the snuggles and never once tried to escape or bite.  Yup - the new girl is settling in well.

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  1. It's always wonderful to see a new pig settling in and becoming more comfortable in their new home. No doubt Pinni is helping Cannoli along!


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