Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weigh In

Pinniped and Cannoli have settled down nicely two weeks after their introduction.  The only thing I worried about after the first week was that they had both lost weight.  Pinni goes through these periods of gaining and losing.  But Cannoli, being a youngster, should not be losing weight; she should be gaining.  I saw Pinni steal anything Cannoli didn't wolf down fast enough, but if Pinni was hogging it all as she had with Willow, she'd be gaining weight.

Nosy Cannoli (and a passive Pinni)

I weighed them daily and eventually guessed that the weight loss was from all the activity.  Cannoli is an energetic youngster and there are so many things to check out and new cages to run around in.  Pinni is now far more active than she's been in months.  I hear popcorning and thumpa-thumping all over the cage.  Someone is wolfing down pellets and they're burning through the hay.  Finally, this week, they're both a little heavier than when they first met.  Yay!  Because Pinni needs to be squeezable and Cannoli shouldn't be svelte forever.


  1. They are SO cute! I am glad Pinni is working on maintaining her squeezability :) I love Cannoli's active little nose and the last picture with her paw on the bowl is too cute.

  2. Hopefully both girls will continue to pack on the chunk!


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