Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls at Work

My in-a-meeting pose
(snapped before the warm weather!)
My new office setup is so very different than it was in the old house.  I used to have a room to myself, upstairs and overlooking the street.  I was separated from Pinniped and Cannoli by three rooms and one story.  Now, I share my office with the living room, the kitchen and the guinea pigs.  Such a different setup!

The view behind me
First of all, Pinni is a noisy drinker.  I kind of knew that, but now it's really obvious.  She loves to rattle the bottle when I sit down for my morning standup meeting.  Makes it kind of difficult to listen to everyone else.  I've also discovered that there's more bickering during the day than I thought.  I hear Cannoli yell and scramble to another part of the cage a few times a day.  It's partially Pinni's fault, because she's ousting Cannoli from some spot or another or otherwise being mean, but as I watch the more I think Cannoli's stubbornness is a big factor.  She does not have the personality to fight back, but she flat out refuses to move until Pinni has hit her pretty hard.

I continue to be reminded that some of Cannoli's yelling that sounds like "Mom, she took it from me!" is actually "buzz off!  It's mine!"  I peek in and see Noli furiously chowing down on a piece of lettuce while Pinni hovers nearby trying to snatch what's left.  I always worry that Pinni is being overbearing, but it seems that Noli is quite capable of taking care of herself.

Typical late-morning lounging
A good portion of the day is spent lounging.  The recent heat and humidity is causing all of us to puddle a bit.  But usually early in the morning or late afternoon, Cannoli gets going.  I can't see inside the first floor from my desk, but I can catch a glimps when Noli zooms around upstairs or starts popcorning around the cage.  That girl has quite the vertical bounce!  Certainly an entertaining way to break up my day.


  1. I love my occasional working from home days- lots of time for piggy watching!

  2. I also share my home workspace with the peegs. They can be quite distracting!

  3. luv seeing two pigs together, our Bartley is solo but has us all day!!


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