Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keeping Cool

Sunday was hot, but there was a breeze, so I didn't turn on the air conditioning.  However, even with the circulating air, it was really warm in the house.  I cleaned the cage that afternoon and left an ice pack wrapped in a cozy on the floor.  I fully expected Pinniped and Cannoli to ignore it.  All of my guinea pigs have avoided cold packs like they were something scary.  Cannoli surprised me by using it as a pillow.

I had introduced Cannoli to the cold pack the previous night.  I wanted to sit with her for a bit, but it was too hot to snuggle with her.  So I compromised and sat her on a wrapped up cold pack, so we didn't have to share each other's body heat.  Maybe she remembered it wasn't such a bad thing?  Perhaps.  Regardless, it seems that if the temperature rises to 85F, cold packs aren't so scary.  Since I try to keep their room no warmer than 80F, it was the first time we hit this threshold.

When Pinni and Cannoli returned to the cage, even Pinni got over her aversion and snuggled up with the ice pack.  See?  Not so bad.

The weather is forecasted to be beastly all week.  We have air conditioning (thank goodness), so we should all be comfortable.  But I have more ice packs in the freezer, just in case we need them.


  1. My pigs didn't use the cold packs I left in their cage either. I'll have to try introducing it to them at lap time the next time we have a heat wave.

  2. put flat ice box blocks in a cardboard box with hay on top..mine have been sitting in the hay box a lot of the day..i think its less scary when they think it's just their hay box and oooh it feels nice in here..put a piece of fleece over the ice blocks.

    1. Or a frozen hot water bottle.

    2. Ooh - I like the idea of putting food over the cold pack.


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