Friday, July 5, 2013

Lazy Bones

I was all set to get some good floor-time photos, but all I got was this: two blobby pigs.

Pinniped and Cannoli had been bickering in the afternoon.  I figured some floor time could help.  The wood floor is nice and cool.  There's lots of space; I put out hay and toys for entertainment.  The air conditioning was on, so it was comfortable.  We sat down to watch the floor show and were disappointed.  All that prep, and they did this for two hours.  We watched TV instead.

They've been on the floor here a few times, so it's not a new and scary place.  But after an initial tour to determine the water bottle's location and check out the edge of the grids, the girls headed back to home base and flopped out.  I can't really blame them.  That's how we spent the evening as well. 

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  1. The heat has the same effect on my girls. That, or a large leafy meal.


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