Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rounding Rodent

Cannoli has hovered just under 1kg for a few weeks, but this weekend she hit 1021g.  She's not the little flyweight she was when we brought her home four months ago.  Our little pig has lost some of her swayback appearance now that she's filled out a bit.

It's hard to tell how much more Noli will grow.  I'm guessing she's not quite a year old, based on size and the shelter's guesstimates.  I believe Bertie and Pinniped hit their adult weight at about 14 months old.  Regardless, Cannoli has a couple hundred grams to go if she's going to rival Pinni's 1250 grams.

Noli has made a lot of progress adjusting to her new life since we've moved.  She often lets me reach in and pet her without running away and no longer hides in the shadows when treats arrive.  She's a good girl and no longer tries to break free of my grip when returning to the cage.  I was afraid the first few months that she'd hurt herself taking a flying leap from my hands.  She's still not quite sure what to make of lap-time, although she fidgets far less than Bertie or Pinni ever did.

Cannoli remains unfazed by Pinni's bossiness and is not afraid to stand her ground.  For the most part, Pinni will make some token gesture of being in charge and then leave Cannoli alone.  They occasionally bicker or scream at each other (which usually means Cannoli is winning) or there's sounds of scrambling (which indicates Pinni has won).  It seems that Pinni is more laid back with Noli than she was with either Willow or Bertie.

Cannoli gets fired up a few times a day in typical youngster style and popcorns around the cage.  If I'm in the room when it happens, I'll stop what I'm doing to watch.  It's great to see that she's settled into her life with us.


  1. Go Cannoli! Her chubby white belly is just adorable.

  2. Oh my! All gpigs are adorable but she is really a cutie!

  3. She is SO adorable!!! I am glad to hear she's settling in so well :)


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