Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the Green

The view from my desk, and the girls enjoying the grass
We've finally had some nice weather and I let the pigs out for the first time in the new place.  Their initial reactions were pretty funny.  Pinniped hadn't been outside since last fall and this was Cannoli's first experience with the great outdoors.  I had to lift them both out of the basket and onto the grass because they were too scared to hop out on their own.  Pinni, true to form, started to eat the grass as soon as her nose touched it, even before I had managed to put her feet on the ground!  Cannoli approached the whole thing in classic guinea pig style:  scared to death, but if there's any chance of dying, she'd prefer to die eating. 

I can't comment on the taste of the grass here, but it certainly looks a lot more lush and heartier than the stuff at our old place.  Although it was new grass and new sounds, Pinni quickly recognized this as outdoor time.  She lounged and ate as she pleased, and seemed quite content.  Cannoli was calm enough to eat as long as she was safely under cover, but was obviously wired when I tried to bring her back in the house.  I suspect it may take a few more outings before she adjusts to outdoor life.  I'm sure all of the sights, smells and sounds were a bit overwhelming.  Overall, it was a good first excursion.  I'm looking forward to having them out more often.


  1. Haha poor Cannoli! Abby-Roo took the same approach towards her initial encounters with grass.

  2. Your pigs are so lucky! Unfortunately, we have a hawk's nest (with hawk) 5 feet from our deck. Even under a cage I would be freaked. The hawk is pretty big. I often see our hawk with a rodent snack. I tell my girls to cover their eyes and look away.


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