Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guinea Pig Hammock Giveaway

Pinni loves her hammock
I was digging through my guinea pigs' fleece and came across an extra hammock I had hidden away.  This is one of the twin all-fleece hammocks I made two years ago.  I had set it aside as a possible gift to another guinea pig lover and then forgot about it.

My buried treasure will go to one of my readers and their lucky pig(s)!  Would your piggies enjoy a hammock like the one Pinniped is modeling?

To enter:  tell me which of your guinea pigs is most likely to lounge in a hammock.   Leave your pig's name in the blog comments (be sure I have a way to contact you) or in a comment on the CavyMadness post on Facebook.  This drawing closes on Friday, October 25th at 12pm EDT.  (Update:  The winners are Cookie Monster and Nibbles.)


  1. We just got a 3rd boy, Henry, to our herd, and unlike the other guys he LOVES hopping on top of houses and our new 2nd level. He would definitely be a hammock-lounger - although I doubt he could make it look as good as Pinni (with the one leg out - too cute!!). :-)

  2. Ginger is always picking on MaryAnn, so i would like to give sweet little MaryAnn a nice place to get away rfom her mean sister

  3. Oh, Oliver Twist would love a hammock. He's never had one. Mskzigler@aol.com. Thank you! Korin

  4. My piggy Apples would love one! danablanks@aol.com! Thanks so much! Dana

  5. I think my pigs Timmy, Teddy & Toby would all love it!! mrs_ichy@yahoo.com.

  6. Here are Ottis, Mauno and Avaimenperä three little piggyes from Finland reading your blog. I know we are a bit far but maybe you would like to know that you have Finnish readers :) (lehminen(at)netti.fi)

  7. Frida and/or Diego would love to share this hammock!

    Their adventure blog: http://cavycave.wordpress.com

    email: binhcamle @ gmail.com


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