Friday, October 18, 2013

On Strike

Pinni hopes I'll bring back the Timothy
I'm exploring the possibility that Pinniped and Cannoli's Timothy hay is causing the chronic cough I've had for several months.  There's over ten pounds of it in the basement, but for now, I've cleared it all out from upstairs.  I purchased some orchard grass, which looks pretty good, but is obviously not up to snuff for the girls.  I'm a little bummed that I gave away the sample of bluegrass I had last month.  They had turned up their nose at it, preferring the Timothy.  At the time, I figured I would never use it.  I hope the guinea pigs that received it are enjoying it.

I swapped out the hay on Monday.  By Wednesday I swore they were hoovering up the leftover Timothy dust from the fleece and totally ignoring the nice long-stemmed hay in the hay rack and the paper tubes.  Even the cardboard seems to be more appetizing!

Cannoli ignoring the tube of orchard grass
So I've been watching their weight, feeding them handfuls of dried corn husks when they get too whiny, and hoping that they'll forget how much they liked the Timothy hay by next week.  I know they have their paws crossed that I'm not allergic to the Timothy hay.  We'll see. 

This morning I saw them nibble a strand or two of the hay and there was one empty tube.  Think they'll give in and start eating the orchard grass in earnest?


  1. If they're having problems transitioning, you could mix up the different hays for a while, so they can slowly get acclimated to the new stuff without it being such a big change. That's interesting through that they're so picky about the hay; my boys love orchard and blue grasses and consider it special treats when we buy a bag now and then. Hope your girls pick up on it soon!

  2. Perhaps they might once they realize there are no other options! Hope you manage to figure out what the cough culprit is.

  3. I had no idea they could eat Orchard grass. I was told they could only eat Timothy hay to help their digestion. Very interesting. I'll think their little piggy tummies will get hungry enough. :)

  4. Have you tried the hay "blocks" from Oxbow? Also, one vet once told me that the hay we have in winter is different because of its storage. What about some dry Critical Care sprinkled over the hay blocks? (but you have to get the CC from your vet).


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