Thursday, October 31, 2013

Morning Calisthenics

For Pinniped and Cannoli, breakfast is a two-course meal.  The first course consists of greens of some sort - green or red lettuce, occasionally chickory or chard.  The second course, which usually occurs after I've had my breakfast, is a slice of bell pepper.

Since we've moved, begging for pepper is held on the second level of the cage.  Often both pigs are up there before I leave the kitchen, with their noses stuffed between the grids. As Cannoli has gotten bolder, she's become the first to snatch the pepper.  Pinni's latest trick is to save the trip up to the second level, and beg from the main level of the cage.

This up-and-down is accompanied by quiet squeaking, teeth chattering and/or lip smacking (which you can catch briefly in this clip).  I'd be worried that she's having problems leaping up to the second level, except that I often find her snoozing on the third level, or pulling hay from the second level hay rack.  So I figure this is just her latest quirk or an excuse to be lazy.

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  1. Pinni is probably reasoning: why bother to exercise for food when the food will fly into my jaws anyways!


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