Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Nuthatch Has Landed

Nuthatch and finches
Look!  Birds!

Last week I saw a flock of juncos and a cardinal in the yard.  So close, and yet so far.  But it gave me an idea - I needed to lure them in towards the window feeders to get their attention.  I threw a small handful of sunflower seeds in the yard, and then sprinkled a couple of handfuls on the deck and the railing.  Within the day I got juncos, a few titmice, nuthatches and several blue jays milling about the deck.  The day after that - finally! - birds on my feeders. 

A downy woodpecker was the first to land on the suet feeder, but the nuthatches were the ones to hit it regularly.  I was amazed that it took two days before the titmice were brave enough to land on a feeder.  They always seem so brazen, but it appears that nuthatches are even more fearless.  The house finches on the side feeder were a surprise.  I hadn't seen or heard them before they just appeared.

We have yet to get the big bird feeder out in the yard - we're still figuring out how to mount it.  Once we do, that should bring in the cardinals and any other birds that are too shy to come close.  I hear the chickadees in the trees, but I have yet to see one in the window.  I'm hoping they'll come in soon.

Yay!  I had missed the activity.  It's like having old friends back again.

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