Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What a Wheeker!

Back in August, I noted Pinniped and Cannoli's lack of interest when Rob came home in the afternoon.  I also tried to capture Cannoli's loud wheeking on video.  Well, since then, they've ramped things up.  The two of them greet Rob in the afternoon:   they perk up when they hear his car in the driveway and work up to frantic squeaking by the time he steps in the house.  One would think I've ignored them all day.

Wheeking triggers have expanded as well.  In addition to opening the fridge and the running kitchen faucet, they go nuts when we chop on the cutting board.  They've become experts on routines:  Pinni and Noli wheek when I get out of bed, or if they're lazy, wait until I take my morning vitamins.  They yell at me when I make breakfast, or tea, or lunch and many times at Rob if he just steps foot into the kitchen.  Of course when either of us walk through the front door, it's the perfect opportunity to tell us how hungry they are.

Once again, the video fails to capture the sheer volume of Cannoli's wheeking.  (They know something is up when I set up the camera.)  The first segment is a good example of what I call whining.  Pinni is an expert whiner.  I can also hear each pig's distinctive voice:  Pinni has a short, rapid squeak and Cannoli's is louder and stronger.  If you watch carefully, you can see Noli's ears flap in the second and third segments.  I'd love to get a good clear photo of that!  Lazy Pinni lets Noli do most of the work and comes out when she thinks treats are imminent.

The oddest thing to set them off? Conference calls from work.  I haven't quite figured that one out.  It's not all the time time I have my co-workers on speaker phone.  The pigs seem to like the morning stand-up best.  Maybe it's someone's voice?  Whatever the cause, Pinni and Noli get inspired enough that I have to hit the mute button!


  1. So in essence, they spend a good portion of the day on a wheeking quest for food. Can't argue with their logic, it doesn't hurt to ask!

  2. My cavy ladies have very distinctive wheeks too. Your conference call trigger reminded me that our girls "chitter" and "purr," peeking their little noses over the top of the raised solid sides of their mansion every time I run the paper shredder (which is quite often when I'm working at home).


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