Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Shoot 2013

Black Friday.  You know what that means:  round up the guinea pigs and take photographs for Christmas cards!

This year's shoot took us two rounds to complete.  We may be old pros at this and Pinniped knows the drill, but Cannoli was so petrified during the first set of shots she hardly moved.  She was a bit more relaxed for the second round.  After taking a few hundred photos I eventually found a three that were usable for cards and several for the blog post. 

Cannoli has really rounded out.  I didn't realize her bum rivals Pinniped's and that Noli tends to stand like a linebacker until I paged through the pictures.  I haven't had a pig with such a wide stance since Pandora.

I love this set of pictures.  I had put the bow on Noli, and in the time it took to pull off the backing for Pinni's bow, Pinni had already started to chew Noli's bow.  Just look at that chomp shot:

It soon had a nice clear chunk taken out of it.  Maybe Pinni thought it looked fancier with all of the scalloped edges?  There were several holes by the time we were finished.  I had to keep taking it away from Pinni and putting it back on Noli.  Pinni was fascinated with it.  Only bits of celery, carrots and cranberries could move her focus.

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  1. As a fellow peeg wrangler, I applaud your hard work. "After taking a few hundred photos" is certainly true. And what a great action shot of Pinni with her jaws open!


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