Friday, November 15, 2013

Revenge of the Cyst

Guess where we went last night?  To the vet!  Oh, joy!

Well, not really.  Cannoli was there for a baseline visit.  It was terrifying.  She made the vet work a long time to see her teeth.  Noli wriggled all over the place and couldn't wait to get back in the carry case.  She buried herself in the cozy and didn't come out even after she got home.

Her verdict:  the vet is a very scary place.

Pinniped, on the other hand, was initially very relaxed.  What a difference between the two!  Unfortunately, this wasn't just a social call for Pinni.  She ended up with a shaved and goopy belly for an ultrasound.  Sure enough, her cysts have returned with a vengeance.  Pinni's symptoms had been so subtle: a bit of hair loss in the middle of her back, a single day of chasing Cannoli early last week.  I'm glad I made the appointment when I did - she started losing weight right after I called.  I had guessed the cysts had returned, but I was surprised they had grown and spread.  Pinni will be getting hCG shots in the near future.


  1. Where do you take your little ones? I'm looking for a vet for my gentle giant, Theodore.

    1. I take my girls to Windhover Vet in Walpole, MA. I had looked for a vet near where I live now, but the specialist was $$$ and the local vet that said they did guinea pigs, only did wellness checks! What good is that?!? So it was worth the trip to see Dr. Holmes.

      If you're north of Boston, there's a good vet to the west - but I'd need to look them up. Tell me if you need that.

  2. Aww, best wishes, Pinni!
    Cannoli - my girls feel your pain, we hope you stay healthy so you don't have to go back very often!

  3. Poor Pinni. I hope the hCG shots help - I'm sure she won't be happy to go through that again!


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