Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hay Update

Hay?  What hay?
I hated peas when I was little, and would spread them about my plate, hoping that Mom would think I had eaten at least some of them.  It didn't really work.  Somehow, my mother was on to me.

That story has been popping into my head whenever I look into Pinniped and Cannoli's cage.  Seriously?  Do you think I'm only going to notice the empty tubes and miss the fact that the fleece is barely visible under that even layer of hay?  Right.

Regardless of how it appears, they really are eating the hay.  Even the Timothy hay could get spread around a bit (although I don't think it was quite like this).  It took them about a week before they stopped looking at me funny every time I refilled the tubes.  Pinni and Noli are still snarfing down the Timothy pellets (the dish is empty by mid-afternoon), but they happily inspect the hay whenever I refresh their supply.

As for my coughing?  It seems to be getting better.  I think I'll wait a couple of more weeks before I try to find a home for my huge box of Timothy hay.  Even if that wasn't the main cause of my cough, I know it bothers my sinuses.  I'm probably better off not having it in the house. 

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