Monday, November 4, 2013

Scrap Inspiration

Oh, participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival is a dangerous thing.  It was part of what inspired me to take on Northern Lights.  Between the festival and a scrappy quilt I've seen recently on the Canuck Quilter, I've been motivated to try a scrappy quilt.  I don't have a stash like most quilters I know; the majority of it fits in a basket (which has shocked and horrified a few of my quilting friends).  Most of the fabric pieces I have are too small to use in a new project, but they make lots of little squares.  While my current non-sewing project is on hold (awaiting a punch tool) and in anticipation of my sewing machine's return, I've started to cut 2" squares.

This will be a different project for me.  Most things I make are structured, planned in advance and have a specific recipient in mind.  This is starting out as an anti-project:  almost no planning, elbowing it's way to the top of my project list and I'll have to figure out who it goes after it's done.  I'm going with an easy scrappy pattern, but I think it's going to be a challenge:  I do not do random well.  Quilting, for me, is about order.  Everything has it's place based on shape and color.  I'm always so impressed by quilts a zillion different pieces of fabric that blend into big pattern.  I'm going to have to let go of my OCD and embrace the spirit of higgledy-piggledy.

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