Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was trying to take photos of Pinniped ignoring her hay when Cannoli decided to nose in.  She usually hides when I come over to take photos.  This time she decided to check out the camera.  Snapshots often contain Pinni's schnoz, but Cannoli figured she'd give it a try.

What a goofy little pig!

The hammock giveaway:  It's a good thing this was a random draw, because I don't think I could have picked a winner based on all of the wonderful and entertaining comments.  The winners are Cookie Monster and Nibbles.  I hope they get to spend lots of time in their hammock (and don't quibble over it too much).

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  1. It's heartwarming to see a new pig settling in and overcoming their shyness. Go Cannoli!


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