Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Nephew's Costume

Almost complete tail - just needs some brown
My sister called me requesting help with my nephew's Halloween costume.  She didn't like the ones she found on-line and figured if we put our heads together, we could do better for cheaper.  She had the shirt, but needed matching pants.  I don't remember discussing a tail and ears... but halfway through sewing up the pants, I realized I needed those as well.

I told her I was happy to work on this, but only if she supplied me with a sewing machine.  My beloved Singer, after finishing Northern Lights, was sent off to the repair shop (I'm anxiously awaiting to hear if they will fix it or if I need a new sewing machine).  My sister does not sew, although she has a little Shark sewing machine for repairs and simple stuff.  She brought it over.  That sucker is LOUD and a little scary.  I kept expecting the needle to snap and fling pieces all over the place with the way it trundled along.  But it stitched a seam, which was enough for me.

The scary little Shark
I lucked out finding matching gold material to the shirt - a friend of mine had an extra half yard of fleece that was almost an exact match.  Perfect!  It was just enough to cut out a pair of pants, a tail, and some ears.  I picked up some black and brown fleece yesterday, just enough to finish the outfit.

So - can you guess what character my nephew will be this Halloween?

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