Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chick Yoga Weekend XII

I have returned home after another wonderful Chick Yoga Weekend.  We're all amazed at how many years we've been attending.  We discussed how much has changed at Kripalu in a dozen years, yet we can count on enjoying our stay.

There were seven of us in my group and another seven women associated with Bristol Yoga Studio.  We occupied most of a big dorm room overlooking the lawn.  I ran into a few members of the Bristol group several times over the weekend, and we adopted one of the members.  She was a wonderful addition to our group.

The weather was fantastic, in spite of the forecasts.  It was cool in the evening, warm and sunny for most of the days.  Many of us went hiking, walked the labyrinth and read outside or attended the guided hikes and kayaking.  I went on a hike with my sister and a friend on Sunday afternoon.  We turned back early when another guest informed us of a bear in the woods near the lake.

My reading spot, ring the bell!
meditation garden and my view while reading
I spent part of Monday morning reading and meditating outdoors.  I was interrupted a few times by a curious chipmunk.  He watched me from a nearby rock, lashing his tail from side like a cat ready to pounce.  I never knew they could swish their tail like that!  While I sat there, a mouse scampered under the bench and a red squirrel watched me while eating seeds.

In all the years I've visited, I somehow missed Swami Kripalu's Meditation Garden.  It was on the hill above my reading spot.  I spent some time wandering there as well.  It was such a pretty place, with the prayer flags blowing in the wind.

There was plenty of stuff to do indoors, too!  We attended the morning and evening yoga, and went to a variety of classes.  There was a workshop on life-balance as well as sessions on hip opening yoga positions, balancing poses, yin yoga and breathing practices.  Several of us half-sleepwalked into the dorm room after a massage or some time in the whirlpool.

Evening entertainment included a concert by KDZ - the Kripalu Drummers.  Woot!  My contra dancing friends should recognize the jingle belt and can probably imagine me bouncing around in the crowd.  I worked off at least part of the vegan chocolate brownies I had for dessert that evening.  I took some videos of the crowd, but they didn't turn out.  The place was hopping!

Every year we meet interesting people, whether it's other attendees or staff.  This year a few of us had several conversations with a volunteer, who was midway through his six-month commitment.  He has spent his time as a painter.  An odd job, we thought, but I guess you do what is needed.  He seemed to be enjoying his time at Kripalu, and a few of us were envious he had the ability to drop out of his life for six months to volunteer.

Kripalu Chicks of 2014

Several of our group left on Sunday; the rest of us reluctantly packed our cars on Monday morning and headed home after lunch.  I appreciate all who could make it - Kripalu is a great place to share with others.  It's half the fun of going there!


  1. Always sounds like such a great retreat! It is great you have this tradition.

  2. I'm going in a few weeks. Can't wait.

  3. OMG I would love to attend but a bit to far away from me. I thought that Bristol was in TN where I am but not so. Loved hearing about your retreat and morning and evening activities . Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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