Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hay Rack Giveaway

I brought several of my fleece experiments and trial runs to the Boston Pignic.  The tunnels disappeared quickly.  The fleece forests got a questioning look or two before they were taken.  Trust me - your pigs will enjoy them.  I'd love to see photos of any guinea pigs with their new toys/bedding!

After the pignic, I still had a pair of hay racks left.  There's also a few hay tubes (think like toilet paper tubes, only with fleece).  I am giving away each of the hay racks.  Two chances to win!  To enter:  leave a comment on here (be sure you are not a no-reply blogger, or include your email address in the comment) or on the Cavymadness Facebook page.  Indicate if you prefer to have the brown/green or black/pink rack (or no preference).  This drawing closes on Friday, June 20th at 12pm EDT. 

I like this rack because the hay stays in it.  I don't find a pile of hay under it all the time like I did with my other hay rack.  Pinniped and Cannoli seem to like it.  Pinni is often found sleeping underneath it.  I'm sure your pigs will enjoy theirs, too!

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