Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Husks

Dried husks and fresh husks
I know it's summer when the local grocery store puts out a bin for corn husks.  Oh, joy!  I get to look like a crazy person, diving into the bin for the husks.  Pinniped and Cannoli are so happy, and constantly wheek for more.  We love husks and silks!

Guinea pigs can eat the husks and the silks.  I feed them the inside husks, discarding the outer layers and the dark tips of the inside.  I don't know if these pieces have pesticide on them or not, so I cut them off.  If the corn is organic, I retain more of the husks.  Likewise, I cut off the dark portion of the silks.  Yes, guinea pigs can eat the silks!  Supposedly they're good for urinary health and my girls love them.  Hard to go wrong with that. 

From what I've read, dried husks are nutritionally similar to grass hay.  I dry whatever husks I can't stuff into my fridge.  Dried husks store quite well.  I've kept some for months (although it tends to get eaten rather rapidly).  I wrote about preparing corn husks about two years ago: Drying Corn Husks.

Ah, summer.  Lots of time outdoors on the grass and fresh corn husks for the taking.  What a great time of year for guinea pigs!

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