Friday, June 6, 2014


It's funny how certain guinea pigs stand out from the others.  I've had two of my guinea pigs on my mind lately.  I miss them terribly.

First up is Bertie.  With the warmer weather, I've been able to open up the house and let the pigs graze outside.  This was Bertie's favorite type of weather.  She loved running around in the grass.  Bertie would often stop whatever she was doing to sniff the air.  We joke about Bertie and the unseen breezes.  Pinniped and Cannoli like this weather well enough; they're happy to get outdoors.  But they don't revel in it like Bertie did.  I think I was too busy last spring/summer to notice, but this year I'm really missing her.

Eclair is another favorite pig.  Cannoli's recent floor antics (or lack of them) had me reminiscing about her.  This pig ruled the floor.  As far as Eclair was concerned, my apartment was her apartment, and she was familiar with most of it.  I got such a kick of how she'd patrol the place, wandering from room to room.  It still makes me chuckle.  Most of the apartment had hardwood floors, but that didn't deter her like so many guinea pigs.  I'd hear her trit-trot in various corners of the place.  Eclair eschewed the living room rug in favor of a route behind the couch.  If she did cross the living room via the rug, she'd run at full tilt from one end to the other, then come to an abrupt halt to continue her trot across the wood floor.

I loved that she'd seek me out in the apartment to check up on me, then go off and do her thing.  Interacting with her was so rewarding.  Hard to believe she's been gone for over 10 years.  I treasure all my guinea pigs for their various quirks and personalities, but I would be thrilled to have another Eclair.

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