Sunday, January 18, 2015

Strutting Her Stuff

A clean cage is always something to get excited about.  New fleece is an excuse to check out every corner.  Cannoli decided it was the perfect time to reestablish her dominance.

I'm not sure how successful it was.  In Cannoli's mind, she did a bang-up job.  She clearly rumblestruts over every level of the cage.  However, I don't think it made any impression on Boadicea.  She blithely checked out the whole cage and pretty much ignored Cannoli. 

I particularly like Noli's ending popcorn bounce.  See?  All mine.  I did a good job.


  1. I love your cage set up! I never thought of using a half level as a way to get to the second story.

    1. Thanks! There's instructions on how to build one here:

  2. I have a bunch of those wire panels/walls from when I had piggies years ago. If anyone could use them, email me.

  3. How cute! I don't really know anything about guinea pigs. Do they have a litter box in there too? I love how they check out their bags.


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