Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Interrupt This Cage Cleaning...

Boadicea inspecting my cage-cleaning progress
Things have settled quite a bit between Cannoli and Boadicea in the last three weeks.  Holy Moses, they've been funny.  I wish I could have captured their goofiness.  You'll just have to take my word on it.

Cannoli makes a ruckus every day.  I don't want to share!  It's my cozy!  It's my lettuce.  Go away!  Noli rumblestruts over the 3rd level cozy; oh, such a big scary pig!  <ahem>  NOT.  Boadicea ignores Noli's demonstrations.  Reminds me a lot of Cannoli's first weeks home - she largely tuned out Pinniped's efforts to be dominant.

Boadi is such a polite guinea pig.  She usually just wants to be near Noli.  True, Boadi attempts to eat whatever Noli's eating right out of her mouth.  But you can almost hear her ask:  That smells delicious, Noli; may I have a bite?  Not the typical guinea pig snatch-and-run.  Occasionally there are squabbles over sleeping spots, but even that consists of Noli yelling at Boadi as Boadi just stands near the cozy, hoping to gain access.  So strange.

Cleaning their cage for the first time was more difficult than I had anticipated.  Boadicea was so curious about everything I was doing.  She checked out the upper levels as I stripped and re-fleeced them.  She jumped into everything (including, at one point, the big box of clean towels).  What I saw as the typical disaster area of cage cleaning, Boadi saw as boundless new and exciting places to explore.  I have not had a pig this curious about everything since Eclair.  

Let's face it - it was far more fun watching and filming her than it was cleaning the cage.  Eventually I finished and the girls went back in the cage.  Next time I'll either have to block off the area near the cage or allot extra time for Boadi-watching. 


  1. Boadi has such a curious personality, she's so fun to watch!

    I laughed reading your description of Noli's rumblestrutting. Abby-Roo is also convinced that rumblestrutting gives her the appearance of being a big scary pig when in reality all she's doing is making herself look fluffier.

    1. And Abby-Roo is so fluffy to start with! Silly pig.


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