Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Throw Pillow Two

Finished!  Now I have two bright and cheery pillows to replace my old faded ones.

The patterns on both sides of this pillow were outlined in white.  So I bound this pillow in white, rather than just sewing the two sides together.  I really like how it looks.

Hand stitching the last bit of binding in place was tricky with the pillow stuffed in there.  I did a great job - I can't tell which edge had the opening in it!  All of the binding corners are sharp, too.  How did I manage that?  I never get sharp corners.

Not much quilting on this pillow.  I simply added some radiating lines on the squares.  I didn't want any quilting to cross the white.  All I needed was enough to tack the batting and add a little interest to the top.

I'm linking with Freemotion on the River's Linky Tuesday.


  1. Gorgeous job Sally! Ah the elusive perfect corner!

  2. Both pillows are gorgeous! Yay for perfect corners :)


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