Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Promised Road Trip

Boadicea recovers (hay and napping) from an exciting morning
I haven't heard any crying from Boadicea in over a month, which has been wonderful.  But the slow weight loss continued.  I threatened Boadi that if she dipped below 950g, we'd be taking a trip to The Mean Lady.  (My vet is a wonderful woman, but we figure the pigs may not hold her in such high esteem.)

Two days in a row Boadi dipped into the 940s and true to my promise, we visited the vet yesterday.  I also informed Wedgwood she'd get squeezes from the vet techs, who were happy to oblige. 

It was a jam packed morning.  Boadicea was weighed and examined - I even had a hand in it, as the vet instructed me how to feel Boadi's lumpy thyroid.  Oh, not another thyroid pig!  She does not present classic hyperthyroid symptoms, but I know thyroid diseases shows up in all sorts of conflicting ways.  I was astonished to feel her thyroid.

Boadicea then had blood drawn to further test the thyroid and an x-ray to rule out anything going on internally.  The technicians said she was so very good for both procedures.  I didn't hear a peep from her through all of it.  Regardless, it's a lot for a little pig to take all at once.  I was a little worried as she was subdued on the way home.  However, she perked up as soon as we got in the door and spent some time stuffing herself with hay.  Then she loafed for a couple of hours.  Whew!

Wedgwood was a help and a hindrance during the trip.  Companionship is always welcome; they travel well together.  Each time Boadicea was returned to the carrier, she immediately chummed with Wedgwood.  But Wedgie wasn't happy they kept taking Boadi away (she got cross and nipped Boadi a few times).  I held Wedgie as we awaited Boadi's return so she wouldn't get anxious.  I don't often wear earrings and Wedg discovered she could play with my dangle ones as I held her on my shoulder.  It was enough to distract her.

I'll have test results by the end of the week and we'll discuss treatments from there.


  1. Just stopping by to mention that we enjoy reading about your girls. We have a rescue piggy "Olivia," who seems happy (and fat!) but doesn't get along well with others. :( Hope Boadicea is feeling better!

  2. Hard waiting for test results...I hope it will be good news!

  3. Waiting is always the hardest part. Sending best wishes for good news!


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