Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Season of Change

The tree quilt is finished.

OMG, I think I need to repeat that:  the tree quilt is finished.  And the wind died down yesterday long enough to photograph it.

This project lasted so much longer than I anticipated.  Quilting was difficult.  The trapunto was a neat idea, I really like how the leaves look.  However, I'm not sure if it was worth it.  The tree trunk came out a little lumpy (which is okay - what bark isn't a little lumpy?).  I considered quilting in some wood grain to tack it down, and decided that would only draw more attention.

Working around the extra batting certainly complicated things.  I really need a walking foot for my new machine.  I'm sure it would have prevented several of the puckers I had to rip out and restitch.

I was worried the binding would look too stripy, but I'm happy how it turned out.  Adds a bit of interest to the edge without taking over.

I quilted the sky and ground differently - a light blue loopy, breezy sky and a green McTavished ground that makes me think of grass.  I hadn't intended the ground to stop right at the bottom of the tree; it was supposed to go a bit farther up.  It looks like a little kid's drawing, which is fine - it works well with the tree itself.  I chuckle when I look at it, another unplanned feature.  The quilting is visible only when you get up close.  There's different things to look at depending on where you're standing. 

The one loose leaf was inspired.  I tacked it on after the quilting was complete and it is somewhat posable.  Amazingly, the dang quilt actually hangs nearly flat!  I didn't have to square it much after I finished the quilting.  I even remembered to add the pockets in the back for the dowel before sewing on the binding.  I think that's a first.  The things I did right, I totally nailed.

Lots of good with this quilt, a little not-so-great.  I learned, I tried, I practiced.  I failed and succeeded.  This project was a struggle to create what I envisioned.  It changed so much from its first idea:  a tree full of  glitter thread leaves.  I really like the shape of the tree, the backwards rainbow ORVGY (I pretty much skipped blue leaves since they'd have matched the sky).  I am pleased with how it flows.

It's pretty good work and it's all mine.  Most importantly, it's done.  Huzzah!  I've moved onto my next sewing project (which has already presented me with a pitfall or two).

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  1. Fantastic! I love the falling leaf!

  2. good job!
    the stuffing looks really thick, but usually more quilting lines are good with trapunto as they show. I know you're thrilled it's done and looks great

  3. What a precious quilt and your trapunto on the tree looks perfect to me!


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