Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Like Thursday: Goodies

Who doesn't look goodies?  Last week I got some great ones. 

There was a bake sale fundraiser at the Rehoboth contra dance.  I scored some of the treats.

I like Cookie Man cookies.  A guy from the dance makes these massive chocolate chip cookies with huge chunks of chocolate and generously sprinkled with flaked salt.  Decadence I never make with my own cookies.  It's always a treat anytime his cookies appear at the dance.  I happily plunked down my money to bring a half dozen of these home from Friday's dance.  I've had to hide them so I didn't eat all of them in one sitting.  Yay for the Cookie Man!

I like these lemon shortbread cookies.  Isn't the icing beautiful?  The colors!  The details!  They'd be too pretty to eat, except I had sampled some of these a couple of weeks ago and I knew how delicious they'd be.  It would be a sin to let them get stale, right?  These were part of a silent auction.  I was excited to have entered the winning bid.

Finished tree, taken with new camera.

I like my new toy - a new camera.  Not a toy camera - a real one.  Total happy dance.  I've been thwarted trying to replace my little Elph for over a year.  I still need to learn all of the gadgets on this thing, but I've been very pleased with the results from my first few times using it.  (Thanks, Rob!  You're awesome.)

I like that I finished the tree quilt.  Finally.  I had to wait a full week until the wind died down to take photos outside - but I took them with the new camera - bonus!

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  1. I'd say those cookies look too good to eat, but I like cookies too much to follow through with that! Your quilt is stunning!

  2. cookies... and are those llamas? Alpacas" I love their smiling faces!

  3. I wonder who the artist was who painted those cookies! Such patience. Your camera works very well but I think the photographer knows what she's doing. That quilt is stunning. mary in Az

  4. Those cookies look and sound delicious! I love your quilt, too, especially the way you arranged the leaves, and have one falling off. Beautiful!

  5. A new camera! Congrats! I think a new camera is worth celebrating with All The Cookies :)

  6. I'm not sure if I'm drooling more over the cookies or the quilt. Thinking...definitely that beautiful quilt!


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