Saturday, March 11, 2017

Typical Cage Cleaning

Cleaning Boadicea and Wedgwood's cage is pretty straightforward.  Twenty minutes of pulling stuff apart, wiping the cage down, replacing towels and fleece, then reassembling.  And chasing guinea pigs.  No cage cleaning day is complete without herding curious or mischievous pigs.

With the magic of time lapse photography, I seem to do it all in a minute and a half.  It would probably go well with Yakety Sax (especially the pig trains).

I weigh Boadicea and Wedgwood, then let them loose on the floor.  I sweep out most of the loose hay.  Pull out the third and second levels, sweep up and pull out the first floor bedding.  Sweep out the the debris on the coroplast and spray vinegar all over the bottom level.

I pull out my box of clean bedding, pick what I want and change the second level bedding; put the second level back into the cage.  Wipe down the bottom level and a put in a fresh layer of towels.

Chase pigs (because they're hanging out in the living room more than they should be).

Lay out the first floor fleece, chase Wedgwood out of the living room.  Finish assembling the bottom fleece and put it in the cage.  Put clean towels and fleece on the third level coroplast, then reconstruct the grid ramp and install the third level.

Chase pigs.  Again.

Clean the water bottle (as pigs inspect the base of the cage), hang it in the cage, and open the ramp.

The video drops to normal speed when I let Boadicea up the ramp.  I expected both pigs to come in at the same time and intended to capture some popcorning, but Wedgwood was still roaming the living room.  I add hay and reassemble the gate as Boadi checks out the cage.  She wavers between looking for Wedgie and being all excited for fresh hay and the clean cage.  I had just put in new cozies when Wedgwood finally realizes she's missing out and heads up the ramp.

As far as Boadi and Wedg are concerned, that's all it takes.  I still need to brush/shake out bedding and launder it.  The floor will be vacuumed and the old pellet dish washed.  But that's what cage cleaning day looks like.


  1. That's a System!
    So funny to see them trotting along in the background while you work :)

  2. You are an amazing piggy mom! I love watching those speedy girls of yours.

  3. whew! I don't clean my house that well! Fun watching the pig train


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