Thursday, January 4, 2018

I Like Thursday: A New Year

Happy New Year!

I had so much going on last week, I skipped I Like Thursday.  This week things are a little calmer.  I guess that's my first like!  Ha!

I like the annual Cookie Party.  At one point we were all packed in the kitchen, cousins all decorating gingerbread houses and the aunts all laughing.

It was mayhem.  Happy, loud mayhem.  A good way to spend the afternoon.

I like the ornament I got from my nephew.  How cool is that?  We exchange Sculpey.  I like the collection of magnets, figurines and ornaments he has made for me.

I like that my desk is in a sunny spot.  The only problem is during certain times of the year, the sunshine hits me right in the face for an hour or so.  I just throw on a hat - which amused Rob.

I like all the fond memories this McCalls pattern gives me.  Mom unearthed this from who knows where and gave it to me at Christmas.  It's for a sugar cube house.  I didn't realize the pattern was so old!  It's dated 1958.  We built a house from it in the 70s?  We had it for years before we moved.  White sugar cube bricks with pink mortar.  The thing was nearly indestructible.  All the trimming had to be repaired multiple times, but the house... that thing wasn't budging.

And it was only 35 cents!
I like that Mom's quilt is done.  Needs the label sewn on (I came up with a nice name, to go with the cheeky one), and photos taken.  Then it's ready to deliver.  Huzzah!

I like snow - which is a good thing, because we're supposed to be socked today.  The snow is okay, but losing power is not.  Here's hoping that we keep the power, and it's not too bad digging out.

I hope you are all looking forward to the new year.  There's more likes over at Not Afraid of Color to keep you in good cheer.


  1. Hi Sally,
    Oh, the Cookie Party looks like great fun!! I can just hear all the chatter and laughter from here. Great picture to capture and remember all the mayhem! I have the sun creeping up on me right now at work - in the winter, I get about 5 minutes. I say I'm getting my vitamin D for the day, and refuse to move away during those few precious minutes. It feels so good! In the summer, it is much longer . . . and I have to turn away from it as it is too hot. But I never complain about the sun or having a wonderful window! That ornament from your nephew is just perfect for you! How fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh what fun! I'm always glad for the fun of the holidays but relieved when life is calmer. That ornament is perfect for you! Now.. Take a deep breath! Cheers!

  3. The cookie party looks like so much fun! I'm glad you have famiky that is able to have those kinds of get togethers. I've enjoyed your posts about your mom's quilt, and happy for you that it is done. She's going to love it! Hope this big storm doesn't cause too many problem for everyone in the east. Stay warm!

  4. I love that little hamster your nephew made! The jollity jumps off the page at the cookie exchange, and oh yeah I'm with you on the sunshine, LOVE it, don't care if it's in my eyes, I'd wear sunglasses if need be, but the hat is a great idea. :-)

  5. We are getting a LOT of snow and I think you may be getting even more? Take care!

  6. Great picture of the family. Love the Hamster it is very cute. I like that you will wear your sun bonnet in the house.

  7. Read with great interest your quilting post as I am into that now. What a great job you did. Also loved seeing your stitching round up for the year. Good stuff. A cookie get together is a wonderful idea!

  8. love the hat solution. And the sugar cube house! That ornament is awesome!

  9. A wonderful I Like Thursday post. Love the photo of your Annual Cookie Party and the ornament from your nephew is adorable!



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