Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Like Thursday: Snow

It's been a quiet week, therefore not a lot of likes for me.  But be sure to head to Not Afraid of Color - I'm sure others have longer lists of good stuff.

I am thankful that it stayed cold last Thursday as it snowed all day.  We got over a foot of snow, but it was not heavy, wet snow to dig out of.  Yay!  Added bonus:  the electricity stayed on.  Everyone I spoke to in town had been worried about losing power.  A storm a few months ago had knocked people out for days.  None of us wanted to face that in the cold.

I like that the snow brought out the birds.  They flocked to the feeders as the snow came down and the wind blew.  I had to refill the window feeders at least twice during the day.

I like that I tried to take pretty photos of Mom's quilt on the snow... right up until it attempted to take off like a magic carpet.  That killed the photo session pretty quick.  Still waiting for some good weather.  Soon!


  1. That photo of quilt on snow is amazing!!! Glad it didn't blow away from you! What a beauty of a quilt, I know your Mom must love it. It's a relief that you didn't lose power, we've had that happen too and it is awful. So a good week all in all~!

  2. Hi Sally,
    Power staying on is a fabulous thing and here's another one for you - your furnace stayed on too I hope. We had a big snow and the vents got blocked so the furnace didn't run. Thankfully that was the case or we would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. And the birds - they are SO lucky to have you filling those feeders. Don't you just love watching them?! Your mom's quilt looks so pretty on the snow, and I sure am glad it didn't float away like Aladdin. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Wow, what a lot of drapes in your last post!
    Meanwhile, look at that beautiful quilt against the white.
    My feeder activity is way up too with the usual visitors; so happy to help them out.
    And fingers crossed you do not have any power outages this season.

  4. It looks like you got at least one gorgeous picture of the quilt in the snow before it took off, so yay for that! BTW, thanks to you, I've become a Futility Closet addict! What a great suggestion! And your birds are adorable. My mom has bird feeders outside her kitchen window and it's wonderful to see them all out there.

  5. yes ma'am huzzah to power staying on! No birds here to enjoy... wah. I only hear the random goose flying over to somewhere else. Love the quilt pic on the snow, great capture!!!

  6. The birds here seem to love the cold snowy weather, too. There are always tons flitting about in our yard on those kinds of days especially. L9ve your mom's quilt in the snow!

  7. Always a plus when the power stays on. Love the pic of the quilt in the snow.


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