Monday, January 15, 2018


Officially done; all photographed, too.  Huzzah!  Between the weather, the time of year (my favorite photo spot is shaded) and the size of the quilt, I could not photograph it at home.  I brought it to the library to take pictures.  Looks like the library may be a nice outdoor setting, too.  I need to remember that for future shoots.

Goff hall (where we contra dance) has huge windows and lots of sunlight.  I wasn't able to get good clean sun and shadows because of the window panes, but I'm happy enough with my photos.

I named the quilt Sunshine, because of how the back looked.  The back!  What a way to name a quilt.  But the name fits.  The swirls on 30 of the suns/flowers go in one direction... and the 31st does not.  I knew about it early on - the odd one was the first or second sun I quilted.  But it looked great, so I left it in.  I know roughly where it is and it still takes me a while to find it.  No one else will ever notice.

I love the back as much as the front.  On this side the border makes me think of cathedral windows; It looks so different on each side.

I used the backing fabric for the label and tucked it in a corner, sewing it down with the same colored thread.  This way, if Mom wants to throw it on the bed back-side up, the label won't stand out.

I ended up keeping the name Blood, Sweat and Swearing as well.  I scrubbed off two spots of blood from white pieces (ack!) after several run-ins with pins.  Wrestling it through my machine to quilt it was certainly warm work.  And there was more than a few bad words (especially while washing out the blood), as you've discovered in a prior post.  Additionally, the name makes me laugh; which is good, because I'm really happy with this quilt.

I liked the fabrics Mom picked out, but never  guessed the browns and blues would look so terrific together.  Sunshine looks great in so many places.  I loved it against the the wood in the library.  (The librarians oohed and ahhed over it, too.)

The quilt looked so pretty on the snow, too - lots of blues and whites.  I wish I had a chance to get properly set up before it tried to blow away.  The wind has died down, but not until after all that snow has disappeared - over a foot of snow gone in 24 hours.  We're now back to freezing temps.  Crazy!

Now that I have photographs to keep, I'm ready to hand it over to my mother.  I'm a little surprised she's not camping out on my doorstep this very moment.

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  1. That is an absolute stunner! I love the back, would be hard for me to choose which way to display it so I imagine I would keep switching. Really it would be like having TWO gorgeous quilts! Wow :)

  2. yea! great job wrestling that to quilt in a regular machine. The piecing is hard enough, but the quilting too! Awesome. The name is funny, and your own spit breaks down blood stains, for future reference.

  3. It's fantastic! Love this one! Congrats!

  4. Wow what a beautiful quilt, congrats on the finish.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the beveled corners of the quilt -- what an interesting detail.

  6. A beautiful finish, Sally! I've enjoyed watching your progress and hearing about your blood, sweat, and tears!

  7. Hi Sally,
    WOW! This really did turn out great, and that picture in the library!! Only surpassed by the snow picture - and all gone in 24 hours. Holy moly. That really is crazy. The quilting on the back is really stunning - I would definitely enjoy that each time I used the quilt. Not that the front isn't beautiful, but your quilting. Ooh-la-la. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. What a beautiful quilt ! I like your library idea for photographs! :)

  9. Just gorgeous! I agree, the blues and browns look wonderful together.

  10. Wow - that really does stand out fantastically on the wood rail, doesn't it? Love the back, good choice for a name. I actually really like oddities like the one swirl that goes its own way - I kinda feel like somebody who is attentive enough to find such a quirk gets the prize of knowing it's there. :) Oh, and those corner are neat with the unique angling.

  11. A beautiful quilt, lovely colours and great quilting.

  12. This quilt gets ALL The Hearts!!! It's wonderful in every way! (including both names - ha!) Congrats on a beautiful finish.


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