Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Gnashing of Teeth and the Uttering of Oaths

"What is that?!?" I exclaimed at 9pm last night.  Rob chuckled.

I am three-quarters done binding Mom's quilt.  I had taken a break from the binding to bury and snip the last six threads from my final rip-and-repair work on the quilting (skipped stitches and an empty bobbin).  As I threaded the needle I saw the spot next to it:  pristine fabric untouched by the quilting needle.  Obviously, I stopped quilting this block too early.  How the hell could I have missed that?!?

I know how it happened.  I developed a rhythm to quilt each star and a consistent point to start and stop the quilting.  This was an early block; it started in a different spot.  By the time I came back to fix it, I was on autopilot.  Regardless, I am amazed I totally missed the unquilted area.

Of course I spent some time yesterday morning moving my sewing machine back into its corner, reset the feed dogs, traded out the foot, put away the thread.  Of course I'm going to have to mess that all up again to get this quilted. Bah.

Oh, so much better to discover this now and not as I hand it off to my mother.  This is simply the most recent in a series of very minor setbacks.  Which is why Rob chuckled at my outburst - and why he suggested I name the quilt The Gnashing of Teeth and the Uttering of Oaths.  I've done plenty of that over the last two months.  It's all been worth it.  I can't wait to take some good photos of the front and back.  I hope the wind dies down in the next couple of days!


  1. Frustrating! But as you say, at least you discovered it now and not later. It is looking wonderful, despite, or maybe because the gnashing of teeth...

  2. Perhaps it's name could be "It's All Been Worth It!"

  3. It is beautiful no matter what name you end up with.

  4. It is beautiful no matter what name you end up with.

  5. I feel your pain! It's beautiful though. Maybe gnashing teeth and uttering oaths is a secret ingredient to a great quilt...

  6. Hi Sally,
    Oh my goodness - how does that happen? I have been quilting and finally got into a groove with it. Annoyingly, it is the last quarter that I finally figured out how to not fight with the quilt top. Why couldn't I have figured it out right away . . . I might have had mostly straight lines instead of the waves here and there. I'm glad you found it before you gave it to your mom. She probably would have never noticed, but you would have eventually! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Oh my goodness. I like the name of the quilt. It is gorgeous.


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