Sunday, December 31, 2017

Finishes for 2017

This year's finished projects may not initially hit me with the wow factor like last year.  Still, I did a lot of sewing.

Top row:  A Season of Change, glittery flower, Songbirds
Bottom row:  three charity quilt tops and Confetti
A Season of Change was my stretch project:  in design, applique, trapunto, and using the glittery string fabric.  It took forever to do.  Love the result.  The mini flower quilt was just for fun to use up the extra glittery leaves I had cut out.  Songbirds was one of those inspired-obsession projects I seem to hit upon at least once a year.  At least it was a heck of a lot smaller than my mother's quilt!  Confetti was a fun baby quilt.  I got to use a bunch of fabric from my stash and try out a wavy quilting pattern (that I will definitely try again!).

I picked up several yards of vintage fabric at a Tea.  Suddenly, that became my focus for several months - now that the fabric was in the house, I needed to use it to get it out of the house.  Crazy, eh?  Last year I learned of a quilting group that did charity quilts and I wanted to contribute.  So I made three quilt tops - two of them with pink, blues and greens of the vintage fabric.  The third was primarily from a series of Rob's flannel shirts that had worn out cuffs and elbows.  Fun to make, felt good to donate.

Clockwise from upper left:  wonky mug rug, shopping bags, my awful dress,
vintage mug rugs and a knot bag
There was a lot of vintage fabric.  Some of it was upholstery weight stuff, so I made shopping bags and a few mug rugs, which I gifted to the women who gave me the fabric.  Lastly, I made a few knot bags from the fabric - I particularly like how the nest fabric looked!

I had an extra wonky block from the baby quilt that I made a mug-rug out of.  Had fun quilting that.  My last non-quilting sewing project of the year was a dress from hell.  Nothing went right on it - it was the most frustrating project I worked on this year.  OMG, I was so glad to see the end of that.

I'm hoping for more finished quilts (not just flimsies) in 2018 than I did this year.  I have at least two throw quilts to complete.  I have fabric for the first one; the other is in planning.  My next stretch project is scheduled to be a New York Beauty quilt.  I really want to get to that - it's been in my head for at least a year.  I have two scrap quilts in progress - I should get enough triangles to piece that one together.  At the rate I'm going, the hexie quilt requires a few more years to collect pieces.  And then there's a bag of 2" squares that I've been accumulating - time to see what I can make with that!  Lots to do!

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  1. What a great year you had! I love your Season of Change! Wowsa! Your projects are incredible! Well done! Happy New Year!

  2. So productive! And I know the quilts take lots of care and time, but I have to say that knot bag with the branches and nests is my favorite "finish" :) Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Good luck with that New York Beauty. They're wonderful quilts, just not something I've ever wanted to accomplish. There used to be a class to do it the easy way at Emma's QCB&S in Franklin, MA. Good luck with it. I'm sticking with my needleturn and wool applique, also lots of knitting. Have a good year.

  4. Oh, I think there is oodles of "WOW" in your finished pretties of 2017! Here's to more wow through 2018, lovely Sally!!

  5. Lots of beautiful projects were done in 2017. Good luck with your New York Beauty. And many more other finished projects in 2018. ;^)


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