Friday, December 22, 2017

A New Name Tag

I am not feeling well tonight (Thursday).  So if I am forced to sit on the couch and not do any sewing (I don't even trust myself to rip a few seams), I guess I will write.

First up - my new name tag I use at contra dances.  I lost my round one somewhere between my car and the Peterborough Fall Ball in October.  Serious sadness.  It was a favorite - everyone commented on it.  I even left the dance to go searching for it.  But this loss gave me an excuse to be creative.

The last few name tags I have made for others had something personal on them.  The flowers on mine were nice, but it needed something to do with quilting.  I am terrible at caning Sculpey and creating a square quilt block was going to be dreadfully difficult.  I started to think about sewing supplies - and the ideas took off.  At some point, I thought this was a chance to create a mixed-media button.  So I added a needle to my embroidered-like name.  And all those buttons I won -  I used a few of them (and discovered the tin doesn't have any duplicates!).  I still wanted some quilting stuff, so I managed to do HST around the edge.

I wasn't sure if the buttons would melt in the oven, so they were glued on after baking.  Superglued - there's no moving them.  Unfortunately, they're crowding my name a little more than I'd like, but that's where they stay!

I'm hoping it's not too heavy.  I'll get to try it out next week!


  1. I just LOVE this!! Those teeny-tiny HSTs especially! And I don't think the buttons are crowding your name at all. I feel your pain on the loss; I lost one of my favourite earrings this summer, sniff. Handmade by an artisan on Pelee Island...

  2. Great nametag! I don't think your name seems crowded. Have fun at the next dance!

  3. I love it :) The perfect balance of simple and detailed!

  4. wow! I've never seen such an original contra name tag. I just use the ones from special events. How clever. Feel better! LeeAnna

  5. That is really beautiful! I've never made anything with Sculpey but it sure looks like fun! I hope it will replace the one you lost.


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