Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cold Cereal

My nephew's ornament for this year is based on the Cold Cereal saga by Adam Rex.  I was unfamiliar with the series, so I pulled the first and third book from the library.  It's a mashup of classic brand cereal, King Arthur's legend, Freemasons, corporate greed, alternate universes and magic-gone-wrong.  I was amused that the rabbit pooka is named Harvey (and can only be seen by certain other characters).

There were a ton of characters I could pick for the ornament.  I wanted to jam them all in.  Originally I planned to put them all in a big cereal bowl (with a spoon and sickle symbol on the bottom of the bowl), but making the bowl itself was too unwieldy.  Having them standing changed the whole design.

Several characters were too big or too small to combine together.  So I picked four of them that could fit together.  Harvey, the pooka rabbit.  Emily, the little girl with her pink eyes and headgear.  I chuckled at how the book described headgear.  I gave her just the neck-strip type (I had suffered with the head-cap version).

Mick the leprechaun is dressed in his red tracksuit.  Mick is not a pretty character and I didn't help with that.  Note to self:  no bald people in the future!  Since I couldn't put the characters in a cereal bowl, I gave Mick one to hold.  (Wow - that spoon a pain!  I've already repaired it once.)

Lastly is the unassuming Finchbriton (a chaffinch), who can breathe fire.  I wish I could have figured out how to do decent flames!

It's an odd crew, but the book had quite a mix of characters!  I wonder what my nephew will be reading next year?

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  1. This sounds fascinating! I like junior fiction - especially adventure and alternate sorts of realities.


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