Monday, December 4, 2017

A Pair of Borders

I tried to move on to other projects, but Mom's quilt sucked me back in.  I calculated the yardage and bought the fabric I need for my next quilt.  So there's that.  And I baked.  A lot.  However, I spent a good chunk of Thanksgiving cutting and playing with the border.  It was fun - just not what I had intended to do.

But look:

That's it!  Now it needs to be sandwiched.  I have no idea how to quilt it.  Do I do something detailed?  Or some large overall pattern?  I need to think about it - see what it tells me it wants.  At least I can baste it in the meantime.

I finished the top of the Shirt Quilt as well.  I really like the charity group's choice of the blue-black borders.  It brings out the rest of the quilt.  The piece of fabric was just long enough to do do the borders in one piece.  Cool.  I had plenty left for the binding, too (although it was cut along the grain, so not much give).  It's ready to ship to the charity group the next time I head to Ryco.

So - if I get inspired with quilting designs, I'll continue with Mom's quilt.  Otherwise, I'm off to the next quilt or Drapes.

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  1. Both quilts are great, but the first especially is stunning, what a pattern!

  2. The border looks wonderful on your mum's quilt. Love the colours in the shirt quilt. The colours of the plaids are perfect together.

  3. Hi Sally,
    Such big completes this week! Your mom's quilt looks great, and I can't imagine how you are going to quilt it but I look forward to seeing. I have three quilt tops waiting for me to be inspired to get busy. I'm not feeling it lately. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your mom's quilt is beautiful! I really like the border, and I bet it feels great to have it done. Congratulations, Sally - now on to the next step!

  5. Love your shirt quilt and the pattern you chose. Yes the border looks great. I love memory quilts made from clothing. We throw away so much great fabric.

  6. Love the reversed dark triangles in the border! That's a really nice touch.

  7. Your mom's quilt is beautiful. I'm sure you'll figure out the perfect quilting for it. I really like how you carried the plaids into the border on the shirt quilt with the little strip inner border to stop the eye. It looks great.

  8. Hey, I love that border! This quilt is really pretty in the blues and browns.

  9. Both quilts look great, but I'm partial to the first one. It is very dramatic with the colors you chose.


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