Thursday, December 21, 2017

I Like Thursday: Working on Stuff

I've been a bad girl and skipped going to the gym the last couple of weeks.  Days off, distractions, the weather (and a great excuse that the Y has been fixing the pool... which I have conveniently failed to check if it's reopened).  I'm going to regret all this my first day back lifting weights or swimming... but I probably won't face that until the new year.

So let's share likes, instead of regrets.

I like my new table.  It's made from old cranberry crates - an upcycled little piece of New England history.  Plus, they're made locally.  I had seen the table at a craft fair last month.  When I couldn't get it out of my mind, I decided I needed to purchase it.  I'm very happy with it!  A place to keep my mittens and scarves right by the door.

I like cooking.  I made Mexican Stew this week.  It's a lot of work (which is why I only make it once every couple of years) but worth the effort.  I had roasted some pumpkin last week and felt the urge to make my favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars.

I like new recipes.  I tried out this one for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cake.  I'm sure I baked it too long (my pan was a little larger than the recipe called and I forgot to compensate).  Other than the cake being a little dry, it's delicious.  And ganache topping - oh, yum!

I liked that I worked on my Sculpey.  Yay!  I have my nephew's ornament complete (I'll reveal on Saturday) and a new name tag for myself.

And now that I'm done with the Sculpey, I can go back to quilting.  I like that!  I finished with the blue (spirals and blue on the borders).  I'm moving to the brown thread next - stars and the last of the border.  Woot!

Wow - I see a lot of blog post writing in my future!  I hope you enjoyed my likes this week - be sure to check out some other happy achievement from around the globe at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Love the new box/table! Brilliant idea for the cranberry boxes.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Hmm, I wonder about those cranberry boxes. We have several cranberry bogs in northern Wisconsin (Ocean Spray). I wonder if they have cranberry boxes? Not that I could make these but I could give them the idea to make them, sell them, and then buy one from them! The cheesecake looks delicious! Makes me hungry. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I saved the link to yesterday's blog for the Mexican stew. I am liking the possibility of trying it out some Sunday.

  4. I'm very intrigued by the Mexican stew...will be checking that out. Your cheesecake looks so good. And I love that cranberry crate table. Great stuff!

  5. like that cranberry box. And you make great things to eat... I have no idea what's in a Mexican stew. I'm going to go see!

  6. Lovely table - just my cup of tea. Wasn't that long ago that everything was packed and shipped in wood, though it's hard to imagine that, isn't it? And lots of books and articles were written about projects to utilize wood salvaged from the crates. I wonder if we'll turn away from plastic and return to wood in our lifetimes...

  7. Love your cranberry box/table. Your food looks yummy. Mexican stew? I love making tortilla soup but I always end up with so much.

  8. It's a beautiful little table. So nice to find things that make us happy!


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