Thursday, December 7, 2017

I Like Thursday: Seasonal Good Stuff

It's Thursday and time again for Not Afraid of Color to host things we like.  I ran into a lot of little likes this week.

The best part of making all those cookies is giving them away.  Well, not entirely - I like eating them, too.  But I really enjoy the looks on people's faces when I drop off cookies:  oohs and aahs and smiles and hugs.  I simply left the box for my vet with her receptionist, not wanting to interrupt her day (Thursday is surgery day).  Before I even pulled out of the parking space, she burst through the front door to say thanks.  Yeah - that made both of our days!

I am amused by Miss Havisham's insulting tea cups (scroll down to For the lady who speaks her mind...).

I like that I figured out the perspective tool in Gimp (a freeware Photoshop).  The quilts tops I recently finished were too big to shoot straight overhead.  It irks the anal-retentive side of me when photos of my rectangular quilts look trapezoidal.  I learned how to square them out.  I'm not sure if I quite got the proportions correct, but I think my touch-ups look great.  Maybe I'll no longer need to balance off the edges of furniture to get a perfect floor shot?

I like the new quarter-watt bulbs Rob got for the candles.  They're bright and very yellow for LEDs.  The wattage is so low I skipped putting the timers - these are on day and night.  I was restless Monday night so I calculated electricity usage in my head in an effort to fall asleep:  leaving these on 24 hours a day for two months will take less energy than lighting the incandescent ones for two weeks at five hours a night.  Cool!  (Plus I loved not trying to synchronize three different timers.)

The threat of voice activated flashing lights hasn't happened (yet), but I do have a new nifty timer (now that I don't need any for the candle lights).  There's an app for that!  The timer is small,  silent and can be shut on and off for whatever time combination I want.  Pretty cool.  It's ridiculous the types of apps that work with smart phones and tablets.  The technology evolves so quickly.

I like my clean fridge.  I can't even tell you how much I like it.  Spent well over an hour on Monday scrubbing it inside and out.  Damn - it needed it.  Now every time I open the door I go ooh.  Everything's so white and shiny!

I moved around some of the magnets on the fridge.  This little stuffed lobster (it has magnets in its claws) is now hanging on my sewing machine.  Isn't it cute?  I figured I'd try it as a pin cushion.  We'll see if it works or just gets in the way.  I'll admire it for now.

All good stuff that makes me happy.


  1. oh, a clean fridge. Awesome joy! I want the candle bulbs... tell me more. Brand where to get them, etc. Having lights on all day is a fab luxury. I have the ones that come on when it's dark, from Michaels. The cookies look so good. I wish someone would give us a plate of home made Christmas cookies. Maybe next year I'll be settled somewhere and able to bake again. Here's hoping! LeeAnna

  2. Oh a clean fridge. I need to do that, but I think I need to finish my gifts, and bake some cookies. I like your falling asleep calculating wattage. Which reminds me I was given a box full of candles Maybe I should go seek them out. Your posts always make me smile.

  3. The lobster on your sewing machine made me laugh out loud, and I sympathize with your wonderful clean fridge feelings. My fridge is due for a cleanout, but I did a deep scrub on my microwave last week and it makes me smile every time I open it now.

  4. Hi Sally,
    I had to giggle at you doing math in the middle of the light to figure out the new lightbulb usage. HAHA - I thought that was something only would do . . . and not tell anyone. Those new LED candle bulbs look great and very realistic. And your clean refrig is going to prompt me to clean mine - oh boy, I suspect it needs it terribly. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Your plate full of goodies looks so yummy! What fun to surprise someone with it, too! And a clean fridge is always a good thing, even if it is work. We got a new one about a year ago, and I was determined to keep it clean, lol! You know how that goes, you still have to work at it.

  6. I like to bake too many goodies and then give them away. Not sure I will manage this year, but we will see. My son is here this weekend, so the things I have just baked will probably all disappear!
    Sandy in the UK

  7. My brothers have already put in their cookie orders for the holiday! This weekend is going to be cold so I'll be certainly baking! Your cookies look great! :)
    Not too many things beat a clean fridge--except maybe a clean fridge that stays clean (never happens here). Have a wonderful week!


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