Thursday, August 29, 2019

I Like Thursday: More Neighbors and New Stuff

Another busy week.  But I've been having fun.

We try to walk every day (some mornings we just get too late of a start).  We never know what we'll see.  This is Kiki the donkey who lives up the road.  She liked the carrot tops we brought (chomp!).  Her buddy, Mason the horse, was not as impressed with our gifts.  He told us to come back when we have the actual carrots and not just the tops.

Kiki was much easier to please.

Carrot tops are yummy.  (Mabel thinks so, too, and would be unhappy if she found out I shared them.)

Look at this crazy guy.  Saw him last week as well.  Quite stylish with the black and red.  And look at all those feet.  Never met one before - all sorts of critters cross this road!

The neighbor down the street had more cucumbers this week.  Most weren't quite as humongous as the ones I brought home earlier.

Oh - the pickles we made are tart!  And they have a bit of heat.  Pretty good.

The new stove is finally here and installed.  Huzzah.  The delivery was delayed for more than two weeks.  The stove top works wonderfully.  I'm very pleased with that.  On the other hand, the oven seemed not quite hot enough when I tried it.  But the thermometer is old, so it could have been misreading.  Need to do a bit of work on that, plus I really should read the manual!  (It's got all sorts of settings even after I tried getting a "plain" oven.)

Finally!  I baked for the first time since we moved. I made chocolate oatmeal bars, which were a big hit at Game Day.  I also revisited an almond butter chocolate chip cookie recipe.  They came out even flatter this time.  I added some coconut flour to the batter (the cookies on the right) and those baked up a bit rounder.  I may have to try that again.  These cookies are yummy but end up rather gooey.

Came across these flowers on our Game Day walk.  Aren't they pretty?  The yellow and the orange were so vibrant.

When I submitted a pair of quilts to a local fair, I received a complimentary ticket.  Excellent - guess where I'm going this weekend!

And speaking of quilts... I'm working on fixing my sister's quilt backing.  No chance of submitting it to any fairs this year.  But I really would like to have it sandwiched soon.

That's it for this week.  More likes over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. We try to walk every day--usually ends up 4xweek--but that is better than none, right?
    Those bars look yummy--i am going to make peach cobbler this afternoon...a new recipe so hope it'll turn out ok you just never know, right?? hugs, Julierose

  2. Hi Sally! First, I have to exclaim over your sister's quilt. WOWEE! That turned out just fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing how you quilt it. Carrot tops going to someone other than Mabel?!! What?? Poor Mabel. HAHA! And those cukes still look good to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Fun to meet all the new "neighbors!" I would take some of those cucumbers if I could. When we got a new stove a couple years ago, I had to adjust to a little bit different oven temperature, too - now it seems normal. It sure is a pretty one! :) Your cookies look yummy!

  4. Great likes! It's so much fun to see where everyone lives (we are in the city so no donkeys here). Congrats on the new stove, I envy you! It's a beauty and the cookies look great! Have a great week!

  5. You seem to live in such a nice area. You have neighbors with veggies and lots of animals to visit! Your kitchen looks great. I just got stainless steel appliances a year and a half ago. Love the way they look!

  6. Neat neighbours and animals there. WAs that a millipede? I've seen one only once and its size was impressive. Yes, to having your stove up and running. DOn't know about your area, but it is starting to cool down overnight already. Sigh.

  7. I love how big your new stove is! The cookies look yummy... and oh, I love donkeys! Kiki looks like she was very happy you visited! xx

  8. I love millipedes. I am sure some people think they are creepy, but watching the legs all moving in unison has always fascinated me. I get you with the "plain" oven. We tried to do the same when we bought our new washer and dryer, but it has a LOT of settings. I use the same ones over and over! I heard about a tip to get cookies not to be flat - while the dough is still soft, scoop it with an ice cream scoop and then put them on wax paper and put in the freezer. Once frozen, bake them as normal. Might be worth a try!

  9. So many likes, except maybe the millipede - haha! Those cookies look yummy, and your walk looked very enjoyable. Kiki the donkey is a cutie!


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