Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mabel's Foot Saga Continues

We continue to work on Mabel's foot.  The foot's tissue looks good, but the open wounds have been very slow to heal.  While we were at the Cape, her foot suddenly swelled up.  I called my old vet and decided to stop by on the way home.

The trip there was an adventure - with a flat tire and pouring rain.  But we made it.  The vet x-rayed Mabel's foot and called me back to review the results.  Mabel is missing bits of the bones in the two outer toes of the right front paw.


The infection was sever enough to have eaten away the bone.

We were sent home with more antibiotic and a renewed urgency to find a local vet.  I was very lucky to get an appointment at the South Hadley VCA on Monday (instead of the normal 1-2 week wait for a new patient visit).  The vet was interested that we had been wrapping the foot ourselves (and approved of our work).  Mabel's foot has healed a lot in the last week.  We came home with another antibiotic and will be returning in week for another x-ray and progress check.

Mabel, as always, is such a good girl.  Then again, foot wrapping includes lots of lettuce so it can't be that terrible.  She has handled the move amazingly well (including two trips in one week).  Mabel has been cage-bound for a couple of weeks, because the moving chaos.  I have not given her as much attention as I'd like.  I've just started letting her out on the floor again; she's learning the new layout.  But she recognizes the new kitchen sounds and still excels at mooching.  I'm hoping as we get settled in, and as her foot feels better, she will be more active again.  Fingers and paws crossed!


  1. Gosh, I didn't know an infection like that could make bones disappear. Wow. Every day a school day! Mabel is very lucky to have people who take such good care of her. Glad the move didn't upset her :)

  2. that's scary. I hope she rallies with the best lettuce available to sustain her. She'll enjoy inspecting the new digs, and let us know if they are pig-worthy.

  3. Get well Mabel! I am so sorry about her infection, that is so scary :( Keeping you in my pet prayers!

  4. Who knew an infection could eat away at bone! What a persevering pig and kudos to you for the stellar care that you are providing. I don't see a downside to more lettuce!!!


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